Thursday, 3 March 2011

Darkness 2

The Darkness was a dark game. As the mobster Jackie Estacado you tore apart your enemies using the forces of darkness and used your demonic minions to do your morally questionable bidding. Well now 2K are going to release a sequel. Here's some gameplay.
A bit of an overkill
 One major change to the game is the way you dispatch opponents, long live the age of the tentacle.  Like before, demon-like tendrils extend out from your body, but they look a great deal more multi-purpose this time around. One arm is used solely for grabbing (car doors, strategically placed pointy metal polls, people...anything that's not nailed down), and the other is used for slicing through enemies. By using them together, you're able to rip enemies apart like wish bones, tear them limb from limb, and just generally make sure they're not going to have a good day. 


  1. I loved the original of this game. Can't wait to play the sequel!

  2. game sounds hardcore
    I dont have an xbox haha im a PC guy
    sounds pretty good though

  3. Cool review... but the game looks a bit unimaginative. :S

  4. looks like a good game!

  5. helpful review man, thanks :)